Montrer a maman


Montrer a maman


  1. Posted by bashiyabenie, — Reply

    Does anyone know how long these knotless braids last. I don’t weather to get regular braids or these for back to school

  2. Posted by ncegbu, — Reply

    With this vid, I feel like I could actually do this ... fingers dont fail me now! LOL!

  3. Posted by shamiahwoods, — Reply

    Is it weird to ask how many braids are in her head? Asking for parting on myself

  4. Posted by shelbieadams99, — Reply

    Girrl she going look fly~

  5. Posted by ecrawford128925, — Reply

    What kind of hair do you use to achieve this look?

  6. Posted by kamora_r, — Reply

    I just got these done on me for back to school

  7. Posted by pokemanchan, — Reply

    could a white girl do that?

  8. Posted by nathalieamilcar, — Reply


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  10. Posted by jessiebastien, — Reply

    Can you do my hair? Lol Need this done.

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