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Kakashi! As an alternative, I suppose Byakugan would also be acceptable, if you don't have the Sharingan.


  1. Posted by reaganhorn4281, — Reply

    I am the same way- I used to watch a weird Japanese show about lil power ranger animals and it only subtitles. My uncle and aunt hated it but me my cousin were Kakashi in one

  2. Posted by aaliyahsordia, — Reply

    After watching anime for along time *i know I don’t look like a weeb based on my board but I hide it most of the time* but I can now watch anime normally in japenese. I literally understand every word they are saying 😅

  3. Posted by AntoninaPastel, — Reply

    And after watching I always feel like the anime was in english, can anyone relate lol

  4. Posted by raiosbread, — Reply

    No wonder I read 130 pages of hp in 30 minutes, I'm motherfucking kakashi

  5. Posted by Nick_is_Deshong, — Reply

    us weebs have a "third eye" that allows us to multi task while watching anime

  6. Posted by yeetysasuke, — Reply

    If u watch it long enough you start to understand it without subtitles

  7. Posted by daiqibian, — Reply

    Psh we can probably read 4 blocks of text at the same time at the speed of light

  8. Posted by riitxamv, — Reply

    100% accurate....

  9. Posted by JinMoriStan, — Reply

    cmon thats easy 😶

  10. Posted by cchill1221, — Reply

    Just watched the episode with this in it

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