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  1. Posted by TheRedRiot1, — Reply

    Not to be dramatic or anything but I would jump in front of a train for Snoot

  2. Posted by blahcale, — Reply

    So rare yet so ADORABLE my doggo has a permanent boop on the top of his head

  3. Posted by j_araiza_anime, — Reply

    That is the rarest thing ever; too cutee!💖 I love this dog

  4. Posted by Lexi654321, — Reply

    Hell yeah That’s actually kinda awesome

  5. Posted by randombutok, — Reply

    Omg soo cute

  6. Posted by bruhidfk, — Reply

    if his name isn’t snoot i’ll jump off the earth

  7. Posted by cj31415, — Reply

    try saying that 10 times fast

  8. Posted by coryandwanda, — Reply

    Omg he's adorable!!

  9. Posted by TiredSHIELDMeta, — Reply


  10. Posted by prut651, — Reply

    The unique dog in the world and cute

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