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32 Funny Animals Guaranteed to Make You Laugh The cat sure thinks so. ADVERTISEMENT LOL. Paging the History Channel, stat! ADVERTISEMENT Adorable. I can’t tell if he likes it or not! ADVERTISEMENT What. Even. An out-take from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. ADVERTISEMENT Oh you poor child. Don’t show this to my cat. ADVERTISEMENT Fierce huntress! …


  1. Posted by hi_im_lee_, — Reply

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  2. Posted by ErikC5, — Reply

    Still laughing imagining the cat's voice as either Will Farrell or Kevin Hart.😂😂😂😂😄

  3. Posted by popdepopcorn, — Reply

    I saw this before but it said “MOM AUNT CAROL IS HERE”

  4. Posted by CrowKidd, — Reply

    this cat is clearly horrified about the gigantic version of him xD

  5. Posted by josefinemayland, — Reply

    No it's aunt Carol

  6. Posted by DragonBee21, — Reply

    Does anyone actually realize that this is Photoshopped?....😂😂

  7. Posted by brigitte260662, — Reply


  8. Posted by gay_snails, — Reply

    "I will spray you and yo boy get over here"

  9. Posted by Brit33624, — Reply

    is the cat still alive?

  10. Posted by lsmercak, — Reply

    Turn it into a fire hose of course !!!

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