27 Quotes For Life's Tough And Indecisive Moments


27 Quotes for Life's Tough and Indecisive Moments Get out there! Keep strong. Be brave. It's survival. What do you want to echo? Start!See it for yourself. No


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    Just keep trying your best to be a good person, to treat others as you wish to be treated, don't drag yourself down into another person's filth. Rise above hatefulness. It takes great inner strength. Be Godly and you will win in all things.

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    Choose whom you give your love to. Some will use, abuse and disrespect you soon after. Some will even pay money to raise havoc to get what they lost.

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    It doesn't always follow this pattern

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    This is my all time favorite quote!🥰😊☺️🤩❤️💕

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    But it doesn’t or at least it hasn’t yet

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